Our Mission To Help Irish Households

In just over 2 years electricity bills in Ireland have more than doubled, with the average household cost rising 109%. Europe is facing challenges with regards to the rising energy demand.

Here at EcoSave we have pin pointed key appliances that burn through energy and offer our own eco solutions to help combat costs.

Don’t pay any more on your energy bills than you need to! Start saving with EcoSave products today

Why EcoSave Ireland?


    Current household systems require an enormous level of electricity. Our product is an efficient alternative method of drying clothes which effectively keeps energy costs down.


    Our products are produced up to the highest quality to ensure we meet your standards.


    This system is designed to reduce consumption with modern technology solutions to ensure Irish households save on their energy costs.


  • Marie

    "Great company and fantastic products! My wardrobe dryer works wonders"

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    "Absolutely delighted with my order, will be ordering again!"

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    "5 star products, 5 star service."